Hoa – Tứ Engagement: A Green Expectation

It’s been a pleasure for me to shoot this engagement because Hoa is one of my cousin, someone in the family. Since they want a rustic, uncomplicated shooting, i came up with this abandoned place and green landscape, featuring her second son as a minor photographer. It was such a spontan and short engagement’s shoot but it was so much fun!

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Ngoc & Linh’s Pre-wedding


Linh (the bride) and Ngọc (the groom) seem to have been together since forever. 7 years, 8 years or 10 years? But nevertheless they finally got a chance to get married and they want to do something really special to mark this milestone before the wedding coming in next months. Unlike German, we Vietnamese don’t have any problem wearing the wedding dress before the ceremony so we packed our things on a beautiful day, jumped on their car and went to Amsterdam then later the Nordwijk beach to shoot their pre-wedding photos. I don’t know if it is just me but i always feel pleasant when visiting any city in the Netherlands. No offense my German friends, but it seems like the people here are way more friendly than back here. They whistled, applaused and congratulated the newly-wed everytime we strolled through the streets. And them taking photographs with the bride was just hilarious! We had a lot of fun!

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Wedding in Black Forest


I’m so excited to be able to share Bernd and Lisbeth’s wedding from August. They are such a cute couple and besides, this is the first time i’ve been in Black Forest. Stunning landscape, delicious foods, nice people and incredibly quiet place in Baden-Württemberg, South of Germany. You don’t have any public transport, internet connection or cell phone signal, TVs are rarely to find. Parks and natural areas are open year-round and it’s great to spend time outside, enjoy a breath of fresh air and sunshine. And right here you can learn how to make yourself a traditional bread at the farm. Believe me, it tasted wonderfully. Bernd & Lisbeth, i wish you guys a Beautiful Lifetime of Togetherness!

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