My favorite Photographs from 2013

I can still remember the stormy year 2011.
It was a time that i have hit the bottom, waiting for a new year to come pulling me out from the sinking sand.
But battling through those tough time makes me a stronger person, a better person. Surprise myself with my inner strength and bravery.
And it’s amazing what a year (or two) can do.
2013 was a spectacular year for me. I started 2013 off saying the same but things kept going better over the year.

If 2012 was the year that i finally had the guts to follow and take my dream seriously, no more halfway attempt, no more confusion then 2013 has taken my passion to the next level, living the dream and working the way up to success.
I achieved some milestones but what i am proud the most of myself is that i managed to find my own artistic voice and style. Call it style, call it feeling but i can call it mine, independent of art trends or whatever.
I have met some amazing people and artists.
What i want in 2014 is making more and more progress to be original and different, pushing through those feelings, crafting some difficult photo series that i have longed to do for a quite long time.

I want to say thank you to my family, my special loved one, my friends and the others who has been supporting me over the last year. Wish you guys a happy new year and may this upcoming year bring you all happiness, love and luck in the world.


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